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Just be you

Praktijk HB, private practice for the gifted.

Praktijk HB focusses on coaching families with gifted children between 4 and 18 years old and on individual coaching for gifted adults.

Family coaching

My name is Daniëlle van Sundert. I am a therapist, coach and owner of Praktijk HB. I work with a systemic approach for family therapy.
An imbalance in one family member often leads to the imbalance of other family members. Therefor you need to be in the process of growth together. Not only your gifted child will be helped but all family members are involved in the process of coaching. I will help you throughout the sessions to find out what your needs and wishes are and what the needs and wishes of your gifted child are. Working with all of you leads to the core strength of your family system. Working with your family strength will increase the confidence of each family member and it will be easier to support one another in difficult times.

I will help you find solutions. Sometimes solutions can be found in training challenges related to being gifted such as perfectionism, high sensitivity, fear of failure. Answers can also be found in your subconscious. During the treatment program I will meet up with parents, the entire family and/or with your gifted child. With younger children, I will require more frequent communication with the parents.
Through a variety of games and bodywork, children become more aware of the challenge they face and how to deal with that. With older children I use more verbal forms of therapy combined with body work.

The main goal is that your gifted child and your family restore the balance and connect at a deeper level. As parents you will have a larger toolkit for the upbringing of your gifted child. You will notice future imbalances sooner and you will know how to support your child.
Your gifted child will develop his/her confidence. Your child will learn what his/her strength is, how to work with it and how to support himself/herself.

Individual coaching for gifted adults:

Being gifted means you are different, you feel different and you think different than your environment. This can lead to a variety of challenges. For example: having difficulties collaborating, not being seen, having had to live an adjusted life, finding it hard to connect with others.  It can lead to perfectionism, learning disabilities, underachievement, loneliness and high sensitivity. All these challenges and others can obstruct a happy life. They can block you at work, in private life or both.

During our sessions I accompany you in becoming aware of your most pressing needs and wishes and how to achieve your goals. We work at enhancing your confidence and self-image. Sometimes solutions can be found in training challenges that are related to being gifted. At other times solutions lie in your subconscious.
You research and develop personal possibilities and start applying them.

If you come via your employer it is possible to start with a three-party conversation about your goals and to end the program with a three-party conversation.

Who is Praktijk HB?

My name is Daniëlle van Sundert and I am the owner of Praktijk HB.
My main goal is to contribute to the happiness of the life of gifted children and gifted adults. It’s often not an easy road once discovered being gifted, even though the talent of being gifted in itself is beautiful and a true gift. You need good accompaniment once you are gifted to be able to make that gift flourish.
I believe there is not enough professional help for the gifted where it is needed. That is why I have specialized in being a therapist/coach for the gifted. I am educated and I have experience as a therapist and as a coach. Currently I am doing a two years master in talent counselling.

Both my children, my husband and I are gifted. I know and recognize the challenges of being gifted and of being a parent of gifted children.
I find great satisfaction in working with gifted families and adults.
It’s a privilege to be part of the positive changes and growth of my clients.

Just be you

I’m driven by the motto Just be you. As it sometimes is not easy to be yourself especially when you are faced with a lot of challenges. I want to help gifted people to be proud of their gift and I want to help them to be themselves.

If you have any questions, feel free to inquire.

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